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became a lustful bitch, began to flow from the thought of sex and cum without hands. Now Julia and brazzers I began to live together, but everyone has their own sex. Rest with ATVs Hits: 1700 From submissions17.05.2021 Where is the end of the road? About 40

kilometers to the forest houses, gasoline is running out, how hot it is, the weather should have been brazzers cooler. - Carlos! Check the navigator for how long to go and where is the nearest gas station! Shouted Lewis, his voice drowning out the roar of the engine

and the hum of the wind. - in 3 kilometers you will turn to 69th, it will take a little more than brazzers half an hour! Mila and Jessica sat in the back of the ATV seats, gripping us with both hands. All are dressed in a walking fashion, but the girls certainly cannot do

without makeup. My name is Lewis, graduated from high school 2 years ago. We have known each brazzers other with Carlos since childhood, we grew up together in kindergarten, we were scribes together, although we were sometimes transferred to different

classes. I met Mila in sharaga, I am studying to be an auto mechanic, I want to turn my own "Anaconda" into brazzers a real asp, modify it in full, but this is still only in the plans. Mila is studying to be a hairdresser at my college. Crossed in the canteen, you know, the

tray will fall, you will help a pretty girl, meeting with glances, spark, and now the second year of brazzers relationship. Carlos and Jessica are also familiar with sharaga, she is in the same department as her friend, but he does not study with us. At this stage of life,

our paths diverged, not always everything goes as smoothly as we would like. He lives in another province brazzers and rarely comes to Ontario. His parents divorced and now he lives with his father, who hated his wife and with all his heart wanted to dump after the

divorce with his son, who himself did not mind staying with him, because he was far from her favorite child in the family, but her father he loved more from an brazzers early age. He took us on a hike in the mountains and forests, where we spent several days in

unspoken rejection from the mundane, so Carlos formed a corresponding character. They have a year with Jessica, he brazzers is very attached to her, so this relationship exists even at a distance, and each time they meet, this couple seems to fall in love again.

Today is just such a case, as Carlos says, they have not seen each other for a month. We go on quadrics into the brazzers forest, finally we will bulge out four of us. The breeze, at least a little, saves from the heat. We are already approaching. - A full tank on the 95th,

please, on the 6th, and my friend on the 7th. Guys, for now, think about what to do. - Of course, with you 70 dollars brazzers, in cash or by card? - Cash. After filling our horses and stomachs, we had to drive another forty thousand painful meters. But this is not the

first time. The only bad thing is that the girls are not at all adapted to active types of recreation brazzers, although I have always been buzzing. All feelings, including hunger, intensify much more, and you get even more pleasure from food, and even more freshness

from the wind than usual. - Zaya, maybe we'll stay here a little longer, there's an air conditioner, and I'm already brazzers tired, it feels like this fucking heat will even pierce me through my Panama! - as if with the last bit of strength Mila said. - Where are we going

to get the horses? We did not come here to rest, but to the forest, Lewis noted. - Lewis is right, it will not be long brazzers, Mila, it is cool and fresh there, you will nibble your ass there - Jessica said with displeasure. - Okay! - Mila muttered and with a sour expression

went out the door. - It's okay, Lewis, I have no money to fill the tank - said Carlos. - Do not even worry, I will pay for you, you very rarely brazzers come to us, but I can allow at least once a month, for a friend. - Okay, but then I have enough to eat from me. - By

the way, they cook deliciously here, well done Lewis, who gathered us all, I like it - Jessica said with brazzers a smile on her face. - You will not regret that you agreed to ride with us, as I'm glad to see you guys - said Lewis. Mila now and then only freaks out, to be

honest, I regret that I took her. Whining all the way is not about Carlos and me, in front of him I don't want brazzers my girlfriend to behave inappropriately. - How long will you hang out there! Why did I just come out, it's all you, Lewis! I'm about to get sunstroke

and crash off your fucking boa constrictor! - Mila shouted hysterically. - Stay under your kondeem, you brazzers just ought to cool down, and the guys and I will go to have a real break - said Lewis and opened the door for Carlos and Jessica to leave. -

Why are you wasting your time? We'd better hurry, according to the navigator, a strong wind and rain brazzers will soon go here - Carlos noticed, and held the door to Jessica. It became noticeably cooler on the street,

kvadr what the hell will not start. - Wait, Carlos, I need to check the transmission. - Now we brazzers will definitely get caught in the rain too, huh? Mila mumbled sarcastically. - Let me calmly deal with the quadra, it's not long! Lewis said irritably.

- Faster fiddling with your python! I don't want to get caught in the rain in brazzers some wilderness! - shouted after Mila. “Listen, you came with us yourself, so stop whining why Jessica is silent the whole trip? Take an example from your friend,

otherwise I won't take you with me anymore! Lewis said quickly and angrily. - Mila, you brazzers behave like a hysterical woman, Lewis does everything so that we get to the houses as soon as possible, and you just cry all the way, you know,

no one is immune from either breakdowns or the anger of nature, Mila, especially brazzers when you go to rest on nature! - said Jessica, and took Mila aside to talk to her. - Have you got some bad stuff? Periods? Your hair is not right?

“I’m not up to your stupid jokes, Jessica! - said Mila angrily. - Then close the fuck brazzers and do not rock the boat, I'm tired of seeing your indignation - Jessica said resolutely. Where did they go? Apparently Jessica got sick of it too, so

uncomfortable in front of Carlos, it would be better to sit at home with her wigs. Why isn't Jessica brazzers like that? Apparently I raised my girlfriend badly, even in 2 years, how long can you fuck my brains ... I must apologize to Carlos and

Jessica. - Carlos, mate, seriously, I didn't mean it to be like this. - It's okay, but remember how brazzers we also roared on campaigns, I will never forget that case with barley! Let me help you, you need to raise the suspension -

Carlos smiled. I'm a little uncomfortable. Clouds can be seen in the distance, sometimes brazzers even lightning. I'm already tired myself, I want to get there faster and go to bed, it is already approaching 6, we need to calm her down and go,

otherwise we risk getting caught in a thunderstorm, but there is no roof over our heads. There were no brazzers incidents, only Mila is freaking out again, if I had scotch tape - I would have glued her mouth and tied her hands,

which she always waves when she is angry. But now I just want to lie down in the house, only brazzers it still needs to be landscaped, now we will deal with Carlos, we will not even call the girls to help us, let them finally have a rest. -

Can I help you, boys? - said Jessica and smiled. - No, dear, sit still, you are tired, the only thing brazzers you need to do is to collect dry branches, in the evening we will make a fire - said Carlos. - Finally we arrived, but it's cozy here,

and we will not freeze to sleep in the open air? Mila asked. - The whole evening we will be heated brazzers by a fire, so it will not be so comfortable for us, the more we will be four of us here, it will be warm here, you just need to renew

the foliage on the piles, beat and lay more bedspreads - answered Carlos. It seems that they did brazzers everything, the girls picked up some branches, you can already start barbecue. Let's make a fire with Carlos. As I missed nature,

there is the smell of pine needles here, with a lacustrine aftertaste, the landscapes are really brazzers beautiful here. The ATVs were parked under the second house, so it's easier to get out of there. I wonder if Mila was picking branches or

was standing on the sidelines? - Jessica, did Mila help you? - Why do you ask? I'm tired and want brazzers to rest, I would have collected it myself later! - said Mila. - Are you going to do anything today, or not? Lewis said with a boil. “You

sulk at me every now and then, Lewis! We will eat and I will sleep, do not even count on sex today! - Mila brazzers said offendedly, and left in the direction of the house. “You’re probably tired, Lewis, I’ll fry a barbecue myself with Carlos,

talk to Mila,” Jessica said. - I no longer have the strength to calm her down, let him cut brazzers down and sleep. - Then take a rest yourself, you need to relax. Oh yes, it would not hurt me, but the local air contributes to this, to hell

with her, let her take offense as much as she can, she won't go with me anymore. The guys finished, you brazzers can fly in, everything is also ready in the house. We must go for this bitch. - Mila! Go eat guys finished! - shouted Lewis. -

Okay! - shouted Mila. - What a delicious barbecue you cooked guys, so juicy! Lewis brazzers said. - It's all Jess has made something clever, she knows how to make sure that the moisture persists - answered Carlos. - I'm glad you're happy,

Lewis! - Jessica looked at Lewis with a ticklish look and continued to fry a new portion. - Kitty, rest brazzers, you're already tired from the road - said Jessica. - I'll finish this portion and go to the house, I have to spread out - muttered Carlos. -

Tasty. I'm going to sleep too, and don't even snuggle up to me, Lewis! - said Mila. “No problem, I don’t want brazzers to go to you again,” Lewis replied sarcastically. - Fuck you, thanks, Jess - said Mila. Finally, I won't hear this bitch.

She would not even let me swell under the barbecue, because we are driving. Not so bad, though. I'll go and brazzers see "Anaconda", Carlos and Jessica are already in the house, like my "dear". Why are these fucking formalities,

she's a real bitch and has been poisoning my life for a whole year. And at first, apparently a demo brazzers version, I wonder if all the girls or I just had no luck with mine. I already forgot that

such a passion, why didn't I go alone with the guys, I would take a break from brazzers her, I don't even want to sleep with her after this. I want to ride before bed, unwind, but I'll hold it until tomorrow, I don't want to go with the suspension

lowered. Yes, of course there is work here. - Lewis! What are you doing, come to brazzers us, don't you want to sleep? - Jessica suddenly appeared out of nowhere. - Oh, yes, yes, Jessica, I, I did not expect to see you, I'll dig for about

twenty minutes and come. Can't you sleep with Carlos? - Listen, I understand how brazzers hard it is for you, rabbit, this bitch probably doesn't even suck you off, when was the last time? - What, uh, okay, wait, honestly, I forgot, but

why are you asking? - Relax, buttercup, you know, it turns me on when you brazzers rummage in your spare parts ... - Jessica said in an excited voice. - So why aren't you with Carlos? Doesn't he turn you on? Why all this conversation,

Jessica - Lewis answered hesitantly. - Do you seriously think that I will be grateful brazzers to him for seeing him once every five years? Fuck it, how am I supposed to get out of it in his opinion? He will never touch my ass or tits, I don't

even suck him off, ”Jessica said. “But he loves you, can’t you see that?” - As a normal girl, I brazzers want to get high, but he apparently doesn't understand this, I love him too, but I can't do that, I don't know what to do, just for fucking

while he's gone. “Okay, I understand you, Jessica, I’ll come when I’m finished with the ATV,” Lewis brazzers answered, puzzled. - No, Dandelion, you obviously did not understand me - Jessica said confidently, and put Lewis's hand on

her chest. - Fondle them, I know you want, rabbit, do not be shy, here everyone is yours. - Jess brazzers, well, ah, this is wrong, how I will look Carlos in the eyes ... - Lewis answered brokenly. - You and I still do not see him, so there is

nothing to look at, if you want to look at my chest ... - she unbuttoned the buttons, thereby brazzers exposing her body. - Do not be afraid, no one will know about it, not even your little bitch, today I am all yours ... -

Jessica said excitedly. - How beautiful your breasts are, I never look ... - Lewis didn’t say and brazzers didn’t notice how Jessica unbuttoned his fly and plunged his penis right into his mouth so deeply that he almost screamed. - Oh, you

fucking whore ... Aah, damn it, Mila will hear why ... - These twenty minutes you are fucking me in brazzers your quadra, you understand? - Jessica answered quickly, pulling the elastic over her hair in parallel, starting to suck on. - Shut up

and suck ... - said Lewis on the exhale and drew attention to how she does it, how her head brazzers moves smoothly and at a pace up and down, sits on her knees. - Wha .. What the fuck is going on here! - Mila shouted in angry

confusion and walked closer to the ATV. - Can't you see? Sucking your boyfriend - Jessica answered brazzers without a grain of panic. - Pissed whore! Dumped from him quickly! “Fuck you, you hysterical nude fucking…” Jessica replied,

smacking her lips. - Yes you are crazy! You like it, yeah, you brute ?! - Yes, I like it, honey. - Jessica ... What's brazzers going on ... - said Carlos barely audibly, who came here after hearing Mila's screams. - Zaya, just do not be upset, I

know how angry you are, do you want me to please you? - not quite confidently said Jessica. - You brazzers know! Fuck you! I will suck Carlos! And you continue to moan from this whore! - Mila shouted hysterically, approaching Carlos. -

Mila, what are you doing, what the hell is going on! - Carlos said in bewilderment. - Carlos, dear brazzers, I will suck very sweetly, I promise, you just relax, I will please you - Mila said in a playful voice, pulling the pants off Carlos. -

Carlos, I, not ho .. I didn’t want to, about… ahh… stiy… me… Aa shit… “I… Aah… Lewis порнохаб:, what is happening , Mila will suck me now,” Carlos said puzzled. - Let it suck, bunny - Jessica said, burning with pleasure. I will never forget this

quadruple, just like an ATV! Carlos now and then shook in convulsions from Mila. By the way, and I fucked her that night, like the last trash. Now we remember with a laugh those houses in the forest, and what happened in them.

Carlos left, Mila became a lesbian, and I secretly from Carlos cum in Jessica's mouth Life will never be the same again.

I was returning home from a long business trip and met my comrade and sparring wrestling partner at the station. But in our youth, our paths diverged, Andryukha went to another city to study in an incubator, and I just gave up tired.

And then I saw him, we were delighted and I gladly took him to my place, since it was already dark, evening, and at home you can sit quietly and talk. Andryukha and I go into the house, I introduced him to my wife, she set the table

and since we were not going to sleep at all took 1.5 liters of brandy with us, and everything was in the house to the table! We sat and ate, drank slowly, talked, and my wife was in another room all the time, I noticed that my wife

was sad. I hadn’t seen me for so long, but I’m sitting there drinking and I invited her to the table to meet a good guy, she agreed. We took out the second portion and stretched it out during the conversation, it became so

hot for us, we changed from dress clothes soon preparing to go to bed, since we have one room through the wall of a small kitchen, we made Andryukha's bed on the floor in the room with us. I put on shorts and gave him

too, and my wife put on stockings and a silk robe, which she forgot about panties a little lower than the buns, kaaak he looked at her for moments he wanted to make a spinner (a spinner is a technique in wrestling).

Several years ago I was concerned about the topic of mzhm my wife and I discussed this and agreed that she would let me know when she was ready and hushed up this topic. Tuut I understand that my wife agrees to mzhm.

We went on to drink. We with a sports drone are strong of medium height, my wife is not tall with a voluptuous 3rd size breast and a big elastic booty which is very exciting. While drinking the third bottle, we danced and sang

and it was very exciting, then I went to the shower, and then I went to a room like sleep, and I myself watch through the mirror in the hallway, there is my wife without panties and a Drone. Everyone was going to go! just the

wife was left to clear the table, and Drone stayed to smoke! I saw my wife bend over and he was all over there, between elastic big buns that could pinch a dick and fuck so that his knees were shaking, but he turned out to be

a real friend, watched all this and went to the shower to cool down and also came into the room and went to bed ... Wife got out, too, went to the shower and came to lay down to me under the covers. I began to kiss her on the

neck, gradually got to the lips and we merged in a long, passionate kiss did not even pay attention to Drona, she was very excited. As it turned out, he was spying on us all this time. My wife climbed on top of me and

gradually, kissing me, went down, lifting her ass to the top, she was wearing only stockings, and what an appetizing big ass is especially beautiful with cancer. While she was going down, I turned around at Dron and saw that